Our operations for the design and automation of industrial systems are rigorously based on specifics of the individual client. We support from the early stages of their work designers, technologists and engineers, so that we can put in a network all of the skills involved in the production process and develop the best solution.

In this phase we analyse the machinery and its production processes, efficiency, speed and product quality required. Following completion of the preliminary study, the wiring diagram is carried out for the automation system and the relevant implementing specifications to guarantee the best response to the needs of high quality performance required in the industry. The development of Scada supervision software and installation of PLCs (programmable logic controllers) follow. Our software govern not only the functionality control of machinery, but also the quantity, quality and statistical control of the product.

We finally assemble and test printed circuit boards and switchboards applied to industrial machinery automation.

We can develop studies, machinery analyses and design of automation systems for third parties, handing the client executive designs and specifications in case the latter wished to proceed with the realization of products independently.

Years of practical experience and constant training updates also enabled gaining of mechanical and technological skills, setting up and commissioning of a production plant even without the direct presence of the supplier of the industrial machinery.

Our staff is able to provide onsite support and remote control both as regards automation projects of our own realization, and projects on behalf of third parties.