The term revamping means modernization works of an industrial machine that has come to the end of its life cycle. An electric revamping work can lengthen the useful life of a machine even with 15 or 20 years, with an average cost of about half that of buying a new machine. Modernization can cover an entire industrial plant, a production line or a single machine.

Improvements that may be achieved through revamping works are varied:

  • Implementation of innovative technologies with the relevant improvement of production processes and overall performance of the machinery;
  • Compliance of the machinery in accordance with any new environmental regulations;
  • Compliance of the machinery with the aim of greater personnel safety;
  • Lower energy consumption and subsequent improvement of energy efficiency;
  • Reduction of routine maintenance costs.

The first phase of revamping work regards the analysis, at the current state of the machinery, of the operations it carries out as well as of the guaranteed machinery speed and quality. Afterwards components are examined, performing a sort of deep maintenance in order to restore the machinery to a level of performance equal to or higher than that of a new plant. If possible, any improvement solutions provided by technological innovations are adopted and, at the same time, the necessary changes are made to ensure compliance with the regulations in force.

Thanks to the cooperation with our partners, we can match the work for the modernization of electric components, also with a mechanical revamping of the machine, ranging from repainting to small works on machine covers.

Having finished the revamping works, the machine is subjected to tests and technical checks before being put back into production.