New and second-hand installations in collaboration with companies operating internationally.

Second hand GT generator set

The power plants industry is purely dedicated to propose new or second-hand cogeneration and tri-generation plants, composed of aero-derivative turbines, water turbines, eight-cycle internal combustion engines, steam turbines for combined cycles or biomass plants.

Revamping and Relocation

Improvements are performed on used systems while revamping and relocation works are carried out on complete power plants. Complete site support is offered on all types of plants, with the role of site managers.

Assistance and Maintenance

Complete maintenance packages of all types of power plants are offered, with auxiliary services to satisfy any and all problems present.



Cogenerazione con Turbogas e Motori endotermici a gas

Cogeneration with gas turbines and gas engines

Turbine a Vapore e Turbine Idriche

Steam Turbines and Water Turbines

Alternatori Sincroni

Synchronous Alternators

Compressori gas

Gas compressors

Revamping completi con sistemi di controllo e di supervisione remota

Revamping complete with systems of control and remote supervision

Commisioning start-up impianti e assistenza tecnica

Plant commissioning start-up and technical assistance


Analisi vibrazionali su macchine rotanti

Vibrational analysis on rotating machines

Balancing of rotating machines

Allineamenti meccanici di alberi con strumentazione laser

Mechanical alignments of shafts with laser instrumentation

Endoscopia per turbine, riduttori, alternatori ect.

Endoscopy for turbines, gear units, alternators, etc.

Rilievi con termo-camera

Thermal imaging surveys

Co, Nox, etc emissions measurements, on exhaust fumes

Misure di portata fumi nei condotti

Fume flow measurement in ducts

Dielectric tests of electric machines

Test funzionali delle protezioni elettriche

Functional testing of electrical protections

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