Design and manufacture of switchboards for industrial plants

We guarantee on-site support, remote assistance around the clock and electric regeneration of industrial plants.
  • INTECH - controllo elettronico impianti industriali
  • INTECH - progettazione controlli industriali
  • INTECH - automazione impianti industriali
  • INTECH Automazione Sistemi - realizzazione controlli per impianti industriali

INTECH automazione sistemi industriali

INTECH is responsible for the automation of industrial production systems through electrical components and software. We can automate an industrial process based on an analysis of the machine and of the client’s needs, we follow all stages of realization until we reach testing and final delivery. Then we continue to follow our installations with the onsite and/or remote support.

Preliminary design involves the preparation of wiring diagrams according to the client’s requests and European regulations in accordance with the provisions on plant safety. We manufacture and design also systems pursuant to North American UL-CSA standards. As a result of wiring diagram processing, we prepare a detailed list of electronic and electro-mechanical components that make up the project by selecting products among the most trusted brands on the market.

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