The SCADA term (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”) refers to the software system monitoring the automated machine.

We program various SCADA control software for machines on which we operate and we place micro-controllers in PLC (programmable logic controller) to measure and store values in a local memory.

We prepare a telecommunication system between the microcontrollers and the industrial PC that acts as a supervisor. The supervisor collects data from the microcontrollers and processes and stores these data on disk. The data bulk collected is used to summarize information useful to control production flows and possible problems.

The SCADA software, designed for simple and complex applications in many industrial sectors, are intuitive to use, graphically pleasant and functional. They are available in all languages with professional translation performed by qualified native speakers.

The SCADA software, with respect to HMI systems, can process more data, whereby, upon the client’s request, additional modules can be developed:

  • Statistical production reports
  • Product traceability
  • Remote monitoring via teleservice
  • Solutions