Conception, design, prototyping and subsequent engineering are functions performed solely by staff within the company.

Preparation of technical staff, constant updating of commercial products, tests at headquarters and in the field guarantee a final product of quality, reliability and performance in the long term.

The complexity degree of automation systems, the involved powers and many application variables require talent and preparation to correctly transpose the Client’s requests and then translate them into technically valid equipment inherently provided with the operational safety required by the most demanding standards.

INTECH specialises in the application of variable voltage and speed systems to control DC motors with phase modulation converters, both analogue and digital, AC motors with Vector Inverters, Brushless version, since their debut with SCR models and subsequent innovations with IGBT and PWM technology.

Special applications employ SCR AC Splitter Drives we produce, to control both stator (cage motors) and rotor (asynchronous wound rotor motors).

In addition to manufacturing and assembly of switchboards, we design and develop the PLC application software, configured in stand alone mode (on one machine), or on a wired network (Profibus DP, Profinet, Modbus, other field buses and wireless networks). We also interface with HMI operator panels and industrial PCs of supervision with SCADA software.